Counseling in challenging life situations

We all face daily challenges which require us to make decisions about our professional and private life, as well as issues about pertaining to our health
This decision making process often puts us under prolonged mental, emotional and physical stress. Our success in dealing with this stress depends on: the type of challenge, our personal stress level and our coping abilities.
We experience physical and psychological warning signs when we are starting to feel overwhelmed. If these signs are not recognized and acknowledged early enough, we could start to suffer from exhaustion and psychosomatic illness.
In the counseling sessions we will explore which type of burden causes your to experience a negative stress reaction. Our goal is to find the best coping strategies so you can find relief and enjoy life again.

Even small changes in certain behaviours can have amazing results and a healthy and satisfying life balance can be restored.

Recognizing the situations that overwhelm us can relieve ourselves of harmful stress. This new gained ability leads to strength which then can be used for future projects and plans.

Together we find your personal ways to deal with difficult life situations and search for the best source of strenght.
Take your first step to free you of unnessesary burden!

fulfilled life
Internal stability means internal strength, you feel mentally and physically strong enough to cope with daily challenges. You regain a positive view on your life filled with an inner sense of security and confidence.

I look forward to supporting you on your path towards a stable quality of life.