Why did you study psychology?
Since I was a young student I have always been interested in respectful communication between people. I continue to try to understand the causes and effects of individuals actions and behaviour.
Due to my fulfilling childhood I was lucky to experience a great deal of joy and personal strength which allowed me to cope with negative experiences in my life.
What are the most important principles of your work?
It is very important to me that I give each client an attentive and compassionate response to their situation.
I do not like quick classifications or labeling. Everybody has the right to be seen as an unique person with individual character and background.
With what kind of methods are you working with?
My consulting technique is primarily based on a systemic and solution-oriented approach, influenced by behavior therapy from my work experience in England. That said, it has often been my experience that after a few sessions, significant improvements occur.
Depending on the kind of problem as well as the personality and desires of my clients I offer relaxation and coping techniques.
I work in single and group therapy settings and offer sessions in German and English.
what do you think are sources for strength and enjoyment of life?
Happiness and satisfaction form the base for successful and creative collaboration among employees.
I think that people can only experience the feeling of happiness in life if they are accepted, respected and appreciated in their environment. If they can think and feel without censorship they can thrive.
When people are happy they are more productive and motivated, experience more joy, courage, flexibility and creativity.
With those attributes they become more successful as team players and partners.
what are your areas of specialty?
I have been working in my practice for more than twenty years. In addition to my consulting work as a clinical and health psychologist (burnout, anxiety, sleep disorders, crisis intervention, depression, family relationship problems, expat counseling) I specialize in human resource management and occupational guidance.
The development personal potential, job training, consultancy and recruitment in Austria and Germany have been part of my work.
Today I work as a psychologist, personal coach and recruiter in the Austrian and German market.
My target group includes companies from the health care industry, travel industry and the financial sector (eg insurance companies).
Today I work as a psychologist, personal coach and recruiter in the Austrian and German market.
My target group includes companies from the health care industry, travel industry and the financial industry (insurance companies, brokerage firms).
Executive and employee coaching
Employee productivity is critical to business success. Due to the economic situation, Managers and HR decision makers are in a very challenging situation.
I offer support to companies by paying special attention to finding suitable new team players and in keeping their company culture intact. I keep in touch consistantly so I can follow internal company developments.
My psychological work is by group and individual conversations.
By providing guided leadership coaching, team conflicts can be worked on proactively.

Mag. Natascha Porpaczy

  • Degree in psychology at the University of Vienna, Mag.rer.nat. 1993
  • Training as a Clinical and Health Psychologist in Austria and England, 1994-1997
professional experience:
  • Diagnosis in Clinical Psychology at the University Hospital for Children and Youth Psychiatry, AKH Vienna, Austria
  • Psychological placement at the Sonderstrafanstalt Wien Favoriten, prison for drug dependent offenders, Vienna
  • Psychological care of geriatric patients, Elderly Home, Manchester, England
  • Clinical psychological assessment and treatment of children and adults, Dept of Clinical Psychology, Rochdale Hospital, England
  • Psychological collaboration at the Crisis Intervention Center for children and adolescents, Wilhelminenspital, Vienna, Austria
  • Psychological counseling and job training aimed at reintegration of the long term unemployed, Vienna Employment Promotion Fund, Vienna, Austria
  • Since 1999: privat consultancy as Clinical and Health Psychologist for people of school age up to old age, Health Center at the Opera, Vienna, Austria
  • Counselling in Human Resource Management: recruitment, team development, conflict management
  • Executive and employee Coaching
  • Educational and vocational Guidance